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Entitlement Report - COMMERCIAL Projects

New projects require a lot of background research - why not hire a licensed design professional to give you a head start with an entitlement report outlining the planning requirements and constraints applicable to your project? This is the first step we recommend - before signing a lease! This report will give you the crucial information that applies to your business and the location you are looking into - not all locations are good fits for all businesses. This is available to clients in California and Colorado only. 

What our report will include:

  • General parcel information - Assessor's parcel number, address, climate zone, etc. 

  • Agencies Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) for the parcel (i.e. local city or county) with their contact information

  • Planning Zone(s) with links to your local ordinances if they are available online

  • Zoning requirements:

    • Setbacks (and exceptions)​

    • Lot coverage and floor area limitations

    • Building height limitations

    • Allowable-by-right building types and quantities

    • Permitted uses and uses permitted by additional planning approvals

    • Parking minimums and required layouts

    • Conformance with other current planning regulations like trash enclosures, grease interceptors, and signage allowances

    • Additional agency information for projects with septic systems and water wells

  • Applicable building codes, along with additional valuable design and construction information including:

    • Whether or not the parcel is in the Wildland Urban Interface (Very High Fire Severity Zone)​

    • If there are high snow or wind structural loads that would require an engineered building

    • Additional Regulations on the parcel - Architectural Review Boards, etc.

Information that may be excluded from the report:

  • Exiting Analysis for occupant loads in existing buildings

  • ADA reports on existing buildings

  • Restroom plumbing count analysis in existing buildings

  • Easements (utility or other) that are only documented on the owner's deed and/or title report documents. We would have no way of obtaining that information unless you also send us a copy of those documents.


$400.00 USD


Conceptual Package Includes:

PDF Report​ with applicable text, contact information and graphics

To purchase, fill out the form below and we will email an invoice. If we have any general concerns or questions, we will reach out soon thereafter. Once the invoice is paid, we will email the .pdf file within 7-10 business days, along with notes for the next steps when you are ready to begin designing your project.

Order an entitlement report

We will complete the report and send it via email within 7-10 business days of invoice payment.


Invoice to be emailed as soon as possible

Thanks for ordering!

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