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slider 2 adu - Permit package - coming soon

This listing is coming soon, please reach out to us for more information.

A 2-bedroom 860 sf ADU with full kitchen, laundry, and a bathroom designed for aging in place. This stylish but straightforward little cottage would be a good fit for any backyard and can easily be used for anything from rental income to a multi-generational home extension. 

Design Details:

  • 860 SF of conditioned area

  • (2) Covered patios for optimizing indoor-outdoor living

  • Low profile design - 8' plate height, 3:12 roof pitch enabling it to blend seamlessly into any neighborhood and backyard

  • Compliant with ADU and building code regulations in the state of CA

  • Unique detailing elements to add character and value to your property

For whom is this ADU a good fit?

  • Homeowners who would like to generate rental income

  • Homeowners with aging parents whom they would like to move closer to home while still giving them their own space and independence

  • Homeowners with adult children planning to stay at home or move back home and a little bit of extra space would go a long way

  • Homeowners with a backyard that they consider to be underutilized or too much landscape to maintain and want to make the most of it

  • Small-scale developers looking to maximize the income potential of a property

SLIDER 2_ - Rendering - PLAN.jpg

What this Concept Package contains: 

  • Coming Soon

How this concept package is intended to be used:

  • Coming Soon


How this concept package is NOT to be used:

  • Coming Soon


Coming Soon ! 


Order SLIDER 2 permit package

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