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What Architecture & Fabrication Services Do We Offer at ONESHOP?

Updated: May 15

ONESHOP offers wide-ranging design services to help our clients through creative problem-solving in both architecture and digital fabrication. We work through design problems as small as the prototyping of a custom fish feeder for our local hatchery and as big as a 40,000 sf new construction office building with an attached manufacturing warehouse for a local start-up. Each of these projects requires incorporating any number of the design tasks we've listed out below. We'd love to discuss how we could apply our creative processes to your project!

This was a large office and warehouse project that was designed within a pre-engineered metal building shell. The clients' priorities were open and team-oriented workspaces and large common spaces for gathering their whole team together.
Large Office & Warehouse Project



Both Tyler & Hayley are licensed architects, each with over a decade of experience. They are both licensed to practice in California, and Tyler is licensed to practice in Colorado as well. Hayley also has certifications in the LEED and WELL building rating systems.

Commercial Architecture

Our commercial projects vary in scale from small restaurant remodels to large ground-up buildings and we adapt to the projects that serve our communities, no matter the scale or type. The services listed below could be applied to new construction projects, tenant improvements, remodels, and existing buildings.

  • Surveying for the creation of As-Built Drawings

  • Space Planning - For Potential Projects and For Building Owners Soliciting Potential Tenants

  • Photorealistic Renderings & Walk-throughs (Existing Buildings or New Construction)

  • Planning Analysis & Approvals

  • Schematic or Conceptual Design - Site Design, Building Design, Space Planning, and Preliminary Systems Designs

  • ADA Analysis & Design / Barrier Removal

  • Tenant Improvements - Office Spaces, Restaurants, Retail, etc.

  • New Construction of any Commercial Business Type

  • Cannabis Cultivation and Retail Design, Permitting, Consultation, and Coordination

  • Architectural Construction Documents - including Life Safety Analysis (sometimes referred to as 'exiting') and ADA Assessment and Design

  • Structural Design, Calculations & Construction Documents on Small to Medium Scale Projects

  • Mechanical Design & Construction Documents on Small to Medium Scale Projects

  • Electrical Design & Construction Documents on Small to Medium Scale Projects

  • Plumbing Design & Construction Documents on Small to Medium Scale Projects

  • Permitting & Permitting Assistance/Consultation

  • LEED Project Consultation and Certification

  • WELL Project Consultation and Certification

Residential Architecture

Our residential projects can take on all shapes and sizes, from small additions and helping clients reorganize existing spaces to be more functional to custom homes and multi-home lots. We can help you through any planning hurdles in the beginning, by nailing that dream home conceptual design and then walk you through the whole permitting process.

  • Schematic or Conceptual Design

  • New Construction Custom Homes

  • Additions & Remodels

  • Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Photorealistic Renderings & Walk-throughs (Existing Buildings or New Construction)

  • Planning Analysis & Approvals

  • Site Design

  • Architectural Construction Documents

  • Coordination of Project Consultants - Structural Engineer, Energy Consultant, Truss Designer, etc.

  • Lighting Design & Electrical Layouts

  • Plumbing Layouts

  • Structural Design, Calculations and Construction Documents

  • Energy Calculations & Manual JDS

  • Plumbing and Lighting Fixture Selection (Additional Services)

  • Designing for Health & Wellness in the home (Additional Services)

  • Designing for Sustainability & Energy Efficiency (Additional Services)



Fabrication holds a space near and dear to both Tyler & Hayley's hearts. ONESHOP began as a Makerspace Community in 2015 with a full suite of digital fabrication and woodworking tools, however, in 2020 we made the difficult choice to close the makerspace and move what equipment we could fit into our home offices and workspaces. We still take fabrication projects with a focus on the initial digital design process and then fabrication using the tools we love most. We've listed out our fabrication services below, but feel free to give us a call if you've got an idea you want to run by us!

  • 2D Drafting

  • CAM

  • CNC Routing

  • CNC Plasma Cutting

  • Water Jet

  • Laser Cutting

  • 3D Modeling

  • 3D Printing


What services do we not offer?

As a small architecture and fabrication studio, there are some services that we often get calls for that are unfortunately just not in our scope of expertise. If you are looking for any of the below items, we'd be happy to try to point you in the right direction.

  • Interior Design & Finish Selections - Interior Design is a profession in itself that requires an immense wealth of knowledge on available materials, products, and brands. It is just not in our wheelhouse to maintain the material libraries and resources to provide these services accurately. When we put together interior renderings, we are happy to use materials resembling our clients' provided references, but it is only an approximation.

  • Metal Building Design and Permitting - This one comes up a lot, and it is simply more expedient to go directly to the manufacturer. While we can help with any planning or site concerns, as well as interior build-out and space planning, the shell itself should be handled by the building manufacturer who can handle the design, engineering, and permitting in house

  • Permitting of Existing, Non-Permitted Structures - This is a tough one, but we often get calls from potential clients who 'got caught' by code enforcement for having an unpermitted structure on their property and need someone to help produce drawings of what was built. Unfortunately, it is just not cost-effective for us to fully survey the building, draw it up as-built and engage an engineering consultant to do the same for the structural systems. In these scenarios, we typically recommend going directly to a local engineer or to a draftsperson with experience in these projects

  • 'Rubber Stamping' of Online Plans - This one confuses a lot of people who may spend a not-insignificant amount of money on a set of plans they found online only to find that the drawings are not adequate to be issued a building permit. Our professional license prohibits us from stamping any drawings over whose creation we were not in 'Responsible Control'. We would be happy to consult with you on taking the original design that you purchased and customizing it to produce a permit-ready full set of documents, but we will have to recreate all of the drawings, engage a structural engineer and an energy consultant (in California), which is nearly a full residential design contract for a design we create for you from scratch.

  • Permitting Projects in States Other Than California and Colorado - We are licensed to practice architecture in California and Colorado and would love to hear about your project anywhere in either of those two states. We can also help with the conceptual design for projects in other states, however, we can only stamp drawings in these two states.


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